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Silva Youth Lecture Series | The Avatars | Age 10-14 | 2 Days | Event ID: GC24220

August 6


The Silva Method Youth Mind Management Course, Youth Lecture Series

Day 1: Tue 06 Aug 2024 10:00 – 17:00 UK
Day 2: Wed 07 Aug 2024 10:00 – 17:00 UK

Standard Price: £300
Repeater Concession Price: £125
Group Consession Price: £250 per person (two or more booked together)

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The Ultimate Happiness Course for Teens!

The age range specified in the title is more of a guideline than a rule. Although we do suggest the minimum age is to be 6 years old. You know your own child, are they a mature  9 year old who would benefit more from the YLS 10-14 The Avatars course?  Are they a 10 your old who would get along better with the 6-9 your olds? It is entirely to your discretion of which course you sign them up for.

For the 6-9 age group we ask that one parent attends with the child. Seating will be available at the back of the classroom. There will only be one additional seat available per child.

Introducing the Youth Lecture Series, a Silva Method course tailored specifically for children. This engaging course is filled with the same proven Silva techniques found in the Basic Lecture Series but adapted to be fun, straightforward, and accessible for young minds. It’s crafted to empower children with key skills in Stress Management and Problem Solving.

Every child harbors the potential for greatness. The critical question is whether they can fully realize their capabilities.

From birth, each child is a latent genius, equipped with a powerful supercomputer—their brain. Yet, the extent of their abilities remains untapped until they learn to harness their brain’s capacity consciously.

The Silva Mind Management Method offers your child a science-backed, practical, and easily learnable approach to leveraging their brain’s full power and unlocking their true potential. Through this method, children grasp the importance of living a life by design, understanding cause and effect, and taking ownership of their thoughts and actions.

Participants are introduced to the significance of positive thinking and resourcefulness, fostering a foundation for robust confidence and self-esteem.

Moreover, the Youth Lecture Series focuses on enhancing stress management, boosting study techniques, effective goal setting, and navigating the everyday challenges of life.

By consistently applying the Silva Techniques, your child can embark on a journey towards greater happiness, health, and academic success.

During the course, children will learn techniques to

  • Eliminate negative, self-defeating thoughts and replace them with constructive, positive thoughts. They will learn what positive thinking is and why it is important.
  • Overcome stress and anxiety, which they can use to overcome exam stress.
  • Overcome attention problems, they will be able to concentrate better.
  • Improve their memory, learn better; they will be more successful at school and thus also later in life.
  • Fall asleep and wake up more easily, even without an alarm clock.
  • Have better sleep and manage their bad dreams if necessary.
  • Leave their bad habits behind (e.g., nail biting, bed wetting, chewing loudly etc.).
  • Make good decisions quickly, even at such a young age. They learn the importance of the right goals and the means to achieve them.
  • Manage pain and stop bleeding.
  • Keep themselves in good health, treating their ailments without drugs.

Upon completion of the course, participants receive a Silva GB ID card, with which they can later participate in the adult course, or even repeat the Youth Mind Management course [YLS: Youth Lecture Series], at a discounted price.

Lost Silva-ID cards may be replaced, click here.

At the end of the second day, there is an hour-long ‘masterclass’ for parents, where we briefly touch on the concepts and techniques we have covered during the course. We would also like to enlist your cooperation in helping you foster an encouraging home environment and helping your child practice the techniques at home. We highly recommend that at least one of the parents attends this session.

What to bring to the course?

A lunch-pack (mineral water, tea, and healthy snacks will be provided)


  • a yoga mat to lie on the floor during some of the relaxation exercises
  • a light/small blanket and/or a small pillow
  • a pencil case with colouring pencils
  • a favourite toy [small if possible]


What are the age limits?

The age limit (10-14 years old) is for guidance. If the child is younger than 10 but the parent considers them mature enough to sit through an intensive 2-day course with older peers, they will be welcome.  If your child is older but quite playful still, then this class maybe more suited to them than the 4-day BLS ,aimed at adults. If you are unsure, please do ask.

How big are the classes?

Places are limited to 10-15 children, dependent on venue. Classes will have no more than 15 children.

Additional Note: Attendees can bring their own food or there is a onsite cafe. Food can be pre-ordered in the morning for a particular time. (https://m-sparc.com/tanio/)

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August 6
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Menai Science Park (MSParc)
Menai Science Park (MSParc)
Gaerwen, LL60 6AG United Kingdom
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How to Get the Discount!

We apply dynamic discount for existing Silva Method Graduates on a repeating course, meaning a discount will automatically be applied at the checkout if you are eligible for the repeater discount. In our new system it is important that you Register first on the Website with the relevant information. If you are a Silva Graduate, please provide relevant information such as your Silva ID Number and Upload copy of your ID and Certificate at the time of registration. This will be checked against our records and the dynamic discount will be applied to your account by one of the Silva Method GB Administrators. This will ensure that you will get a repeater discount for all repeat courses from that point forward. Therefore, even if you have done a course with us recently, please Register and upload the relevant documents for us to enable the discounts for you. If you have any issues please contact us using the Contact Form.

For Group booking of two or more people a discount is available for everyone. The discount will be calculated at Checkout. Please note a maximum of 3 Attendees can be booked per order. To obtain the Group discount please purchase the two or more of the same course in a single order. It is recommended not to add any other items in the cart other than the course intended for the discount to properly work.

Finally It is important to note that if you are buying a repeat course, it must be bought as a single item in an order for the dynamic discount to be effective. Meaning, if you have any other items in the shoppoing basket the repeater discount will not be applied.