How the Silva Method Helped Me Secure an A+ in Strategic Brand Management

I got an A+ in my favourite and 3rd stage paper at … University – Strategic Brand Management. I received 100% in the exam (never done before). My online was 100% as well (10% of the course), my report was 38/40 (38% of the assessment). This meant that I received 48% for my assessment and 50% for exam = total of 98% (A+) overall!!:) I’ve been really calm over this period (exam time), unlike all the other times!

After our graduate meeting I started doing the 30 minutes relaxation at night before I went to bed and even 15mins (going into Alpha sessions) basically anywhere that was quiet. I used this to calm myself and visualise what/how I wanted the exam to go and even for my presentations. I saw myself being happy, smiling and totally calm- that’s why my recall period of everything I had memorised for the A+ paper came out so clearly! It was amazing…I wrote more pages then the booklet offered and I had time to plan my essays!:) After the graduate meeting it re-enforced for me how important it is not to be stressed out and be able to get oneself out of stressful situations- that’s why relaxing and doing the exercises was so important for me, especially using the 3 finger technique- if I could feel my heart rate accelerating which we know leads to STRESS.

It’s been a great journey and I am happy with the outcome!! Especially since it’s all been happening- getting both scholarships that I wanted, getting into Copenhagen and getting an A+ for my favourite paper!!!

T Spastic