The Silva Method Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission

Explore CONNECTION to SOURCE ENERGY and discover your life's mission in this advanced Silva course Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission.
Join us for transformative exercises and unlock your intuitive abilities.

Course Overview

In this advanced Silva course, Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission, you will experience a vision of your life purpose firsthand and a discussion about how purpose does not always equal your JOB!!


In this Advanced course, you will experience:


  • Access deeper states of intuition.
  • Discover powerful, states of deeper consciousness.
  • Apply techniques to find your life’s purpose.
  • Holographic visualization.


At this advanced level, you will learn powerful meditations, intuitive and visual techniques that will lead you to discover not only your potential but also Your Life’s Purpose.
Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission, Silva Manifesting
Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission, Silva Manifesting

Pre-Requisite & On-Completion


Completion of the Silva Foundation Course, including possession of a Silva International ID-Card or course certificate, is a prerequisite. Participants must present proof to validate their eligibility.


New students of the Silva Intuition+Plus course will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance, enabling them to enroll in the course again at a discounted rate. Check the Repeater Ticket when booking.

Seminar Details

Course Logistics

One-Day Intensive:

  • Duration: Typically 10:00 to 17:00

  • Short Breaks: Sprinkled throughout for refreshment

  • Lunch Break: 50-minute break 

Flexible course formats to suit your schedule:

  • Full-day (10:00 AM to 5:00 PM) with breaks and a 50-min lunch or

  • Two half-days (afternoons or evenings) with short breaks.

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Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission