The Silva Method Basic Lecture Series

The Silva Basic Lecture Series (BLS) is our flagship training program, serving as the foundation for total mind empowerment. This is the foundation Silva Method course, the pre-requisite for most other Silva courses. This comprehensive course is designed to unlock your innate potential and tap into the power of your mind.

Course Overview

Basic Lecture Series (BLS) is utilising our proprietary Alpha Level Mental Programming Techniques to develop your intuition. You will learn to use more of your mind to sense information, and master the art of Case-working, a practice that allows you to detect and correct abnormalities in the human body. With these skills you can make better “gut decisions” in your career and personal life, enhance your learning capacity and gain greater control and understanding of the people and circumstances surrounding you.


Basic Lecture Series (BLS) is divided into two 2-day parts, and normally conducted through live classroom sessions or Zoom webinars. Private BLS sessions are also available upon request.