Breaking Free: How the Silva Method Transformed Decades-Long Battle with Alcohol

I had been battling with alcohol for decades. Stressful work in the office, needed a few glasses of wine as soon as I got home to wind down. Then of course all my energy had vanished for the evening, and usually woke up tired in the morning.

I knew it was going to be worse and worse. It would cost my health, my relationships and all my dreams for doing something worthwhile with my life. I thought, there was no cure and I did not have enough willpower.

Tried everything I had been reading about how to give up drinking. Invented my own methods to stop drinking, or at least gradually drink less and less frequently, nothing worked until I had seen a YouTube video on the Silva Method. It looked so simple and logical; I said I would be mad not to try it.

As soon as I finished the 4-day Silva Method course, I started programming.

The Mirror of the Mind worked like Swiss clock-work, just as prescribed: Only 3-times 5 minutes programming a day in alpha. No willpower involved and after 30 days, when I woke up, I had no more desire for alcohol, not later on during the day, not in the evening, not the day after, and not ever since. It has been two years now!!!  No more desire, no more temptation! Wonderful!!!

It can’t get into my head, why the Silva Method is not available on the NHS; or why the main goverment agency, UK Alcohol Concern is not recommending it; and why it is not prescribed by every GP for people, who realised they would be better off without drinking?!

The Secret here is, that Desire always wins over willpower. I had the desire to get the rewards that life without alcohol brings.