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Silva Basic Lecture Series | Foundation Course | 8 Evenings | Event ID: GC24212

August 12 @ 18:00 - 22:00 BST


Silva Mind Management & Intuition Training, Basic Lecture Series (BLS #101-#404)

Evening 1: Mon 12 Aug 2024 18:00 – 22:00 UK
Evening 2: Tue 13 Aug 2024 18:00 – 22:00 UK
Evening 3: Wed 14 Aug 2024 18:00 – 22:00 UK
Evening 4: Thu 15 Aug 2024 18:00 – 22:00 UK
Evening 5: Mon 19 Aug 2024 18:00 – 22:00 UK
Evening 6: Tue 20 Aug 2024 18:00 – 22:00 UK
Evening 7: Wed 21 Aug 2024 18:00 – 22:00 UK
Evening 8: Thu 22 Aug 2024 18:00 – 22:00 UK

Standard Price: £700
Repeater Concession Price: £90
Group Consession Price: £600 per person (two or more booked together)

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This is the foundation Silva Method course. The pre-requisite for most other Silva courses.


The Silva Method is a secular mind management method.
Main application areas include healing (self and remote); Stress management, Goal Achievement, Learning and improving intuition.

It is the most copied and emulated mind management programme in the Western world.
More than 10 million people completed the foundation course since 1966. Being taught in 60 countries in 30 languages presently.

About YOU and The Silva Method

This is the time for you to get better.

What is your most burning problem?
Money? Finding love? Health? Loneliness? You can’t loose weight? You can’t give up drinking or cigarettes?

Do you know what is common of all the above?
Do you know who causes the problems and who the only person is who can fix them? You.

I understand the truth can hurt and make you angry.

Who on Earth wants to be sick or unsuccessful or feel unattractive or be trapped in bad habits?! But isn’t it unfair to blame you for things that you already have tried so hard to change a million times but you just couldn’t.
Maybe you have already accepted that it won’t be better ever. You even gave up dreaming.

This is what the Silva Method can change.

The Silva Method is not a silver bullet. Silva enables you to change your life.
You can dream again and those dreams can come true, instead of a lifetime of compromises.

Since 1966, more than 10 million people have completed the Silva course worldwide.

The Silva Method is

  • Easy to learn
  • Practical
  • Instantly usable
  • Scientifically based
  • Experimentally proven
  • Secular

Aand above all, a mental toolset that gives you back control of your life.


What Will You Learn?

  • Relieving Stress
  • Curing Insomnia
  • Waking up when you want (Using your Body-Clock)
  • Stopping 90% of Headaches and Migraines without Medication
  • Using more of your Subconscious and the Collective-Mind in making better decisions
  • Improving your Memory
  • Learning Faster and Remembering More (e.g. Studying languages)
  • Achieving Goals (e.g. Healing ourselves and our loved ones; sport, arts,…)
  • Finding a Better Job
  • Getting rid of Bad Habits (e.g. drinking, smoking, over-eating, laziness, untidiness)
  • Helping / Communicating with your Children and other Loved ones without Words
  • Improving Relationships
  • Feeling Much More Energetic being Healthier and generally in Better Mood
  • Learning and improving your Intuition
  • Improving your capacity for Love, Forgiveness and Happiness



From what age is the course recommended?
This course is suitable from the age of 15 and above.

How can I prove I am a REPEATER ?
Show your Silva Method International ID-card or your Course Certificate (BLS or SLS) when you arrive at the course.
Lost Silva-ID cards may be replaced, click here.



If you can tick any of the below, then you can apply for a Silva GB Scholarship:

  • Full-time STUDENT (with a student id card)
  • Receiving STATE PENSION only
  • Receiving any means-tested UK BENEFIT (documentary proof required)
  • Completed the CHILDREN SILVA METHOD Course (YLS)
  • Your gross salary is no more than £12/hour (recent payslip required)

Click here to see the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM (only available to complete all 4 days of the foundation course)

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August 12
18:00 - 22:00 BST
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United Kingdom


Ginger Csom
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How to Get the Discount!

We apply dynamic discount for existing Silva Method Graduates on a repeating course, meaning a discount will automatically be applied at the checkout if you are eligible for the repeater discount. In our new system it is important that you Register first on the Website with the relevant information. If you are a Silva Graduate, please provide relevant information such as your Silva ID Number and Upload copy of your ID and Certificate at the time of registration. This will be checked against our records and the dynamic discount will be applied to your account by one of the Silva Method GB Administrators. This will ensure that you will get a repeater discount for all repeat courses from that point forward. Therefore, even if you have done a course with us recently, please Register and upload the relevant documents for us to enable the discounts for you. If you have any issues please contact us using the Contact Form.

For Group booking of two or more people a discount is available for everyone. The discount will be calculated at Checkout. Please note a maximum of 3 Attendees can be booked per order. To obtain the Group discount please purchase the two or more of the same course in a single order. It is recommended not to add any other items in the cart other than the course intended for the discount to properly work.

Finally It is important to note that if you are buying a repeat course, it must be bought as a single item in an order for the dynamic discount to be effective. Meaning, if you have any other items in the shoppoing basket the repeater discount will not be applied.