Transforming Habits: A Journey of Health, Goal-Setting, and Trusting Intuition with the Silva Method

I am changing my eating habits. I am targeting/goal setting a particular weight at the end of each month. But I see that the number is no longer that meaningful to me because my whole method of eating has changed. Instead of eating candy, donuts, cookies and such, I reach for healthful foods like fruits and nuts and water. I did the glass of water technique to figure out “how do I trust my hunches?”.

But, I realized that I am confident in myself in doing things, and altering course if they don’t work out. I don’t need a sign. I did the water glass technique to find the best way to reach my goal of attaining a house with a beautiful kitchen. My higher intelligence told me to keep meditating on it, make it more real, more specific. I liked that feedback. I took Silva Mind Control in the early 70’s. I believe it helped me get a graduate degree then, and overcome intellectual hurdles. It is making me more relaxed now,and I am more loving toward my family members, especially my husband. I like listening to Jose Silva on the youtube videos. He is so determined and focused. I think that Laura Silva is good too in the basic course, however she drifts away from the basic course in some videos. Silva is the foundation of all these other self help gurus, and no need to interject them.

Mona S, Los Angeles