From Memory Struggles to Rat Resolution: Silva Method Journey to Health and Intuition

By the age of 45 I was beginning to slow down, was suffering from severe migraines and had uncontrolled high blood pressure. My memory was getting worse and worse and I really felt as if I was now going down the hill.

Then In 2004, I purchased the Silva Ultra mind ESP System and I started meditating morning and night and practising the techniques. I was particularly impressed by the instant rapport and broadcasting techniques. Then a year later I attended an Ultra mind seminar. Since then there have been so many changes in my life.

I have also purchased the Silva Life System and I find that very useful for day to day things. In my meditations, I often affirmed that I had a perfect memory, and now, my memory is phenomenal. Better still, I am much more intuitive.

Whenever I misplace an item I simply ask myself where it is and within 5 minutes I will have found it, sometimes in the most unlikely places. My health has improved and I no longer have migraines. I find myself stumbling across information that is a solution to my problem. My most memorable achievement happened 2 years ago. We were having serious problems with rats, in our flat. It got to the stage where you would see a rat scurrying across the living room while watching TV. This was extremely distressing for me and more so for my daughter. My husband tried using traps and rat poisons to no avail. Then one night I programmed to wake up at the best time to broadcast a message to the rats. On waking up I explained to them how distressing their presence was. I directed them to the rubbish shute outside our flats and told them this was where they would find food. I wasn’t even sure that this would work and I forgot about it.

Three weeks later my husband suddenly exclaimed that he hadn’t seen a rat for a while. I realised then that I hadn’t seen any either. We have had no rats in our flat ever since. I never told my family what I had done. They would have just scoffed but I know why the rats disappeared.