Silva Method: A Personal Journey from Migraines to Miracles, Healing, and Connection

My first introduction to Silva method was through a book in my native language, Norwegian. When I moved to the US, I bought it in English. I was going back and forth between both of them. It was a tremendous healing experience using the forgiveness exercises and my meditations went deeper.

When I started school my migraine headaches got worse. I had to sit in the classroom with sunglasses and it became an everyday occurrence. My doctor gave me Tylenol 3 and after a while they didn’t work either. That’s when I reread the story of Silva teaching his nephew and his soldiers friends a technique before going to Vietnam. And that is what I did; I programmed myself, that when I started a headache I would touch my little finger to my thumb and it would go away. It never failed me, every time I did this, my migraine headache would disappear. It was a life saviour! Now I haven’t had one in over 10 years.
Also in the summer time I would go back to Norway to work while my boyfriend would stay in the States. Since the time difference and both of us working we had a hard time connecting on the phone at the same time. So I started to go to level and communicated with him at level, saying; ”I am home, call me” over and over while visualizing it happening. It worked so well! My boyfriend felt so compelled to call me each time.

This was all my early experience with Silva (early 90′s). I have since used it for so much more. I also continued my learning more about Silva, through CD’s and Newsletters, then last year my husband and I took a weekend workshop conducted by Sam Gonzalez Silva. It was amazing! Thank You Jose Silva for bringing this to the world.

Mary Madeline