Silva Success: Overcoming Financial Crunch Through Visualisation and Self-Belief

Prior to attending the Silva Course I was going through a financial crunch. I was contracted to do some work for a company (which I had done many times before on a regular basis)however, I had not been paid for a couple of months and I was becoming very concerned as I had incurred a lot of debts that needed to be paid asap. As soon as I completed the course, I programmed myself using one of the mental tools and visualised myself receiving a cheque for the full amount from the person concerned at a specific time on a specific day. (In the past the person concerned often set times, dates and places to meet with no intention of showing up). So on the day (programmed by me) I went to his place of business as agreed by both of us. (I went early to make sure I would not miss him) and exactly at the time specified he arrived(it was the first time in two years!!). Moreover, the cheque I received had the the correct amount owing to me. It was at this point that I really started believing in myself, in my capabilities and the Silva Method techniques. I truly am grateful.

B. Bowman, Auckland